My friend and I can't claim residences!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by bob48311, Jul 4, 2012.

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    My friend and I played Empire Minecraft awhile back. We got our plots deleted for too long inactivity. Now, we want to play again. So we went to find residences. We found some and tried to claim them but it said, "You have reached your limit of 1 residence." When we do </home> so we can see where our plots are, it says that we don't own a residence on any server. I was wondering if you could reset the system so it wwould be like me and my friend were never on the servers. Our usernames are bob48311 and Alexdeminer.
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    It might be more helpful if you were to PM IceCreamCow and let him know about this directly so he can do something about it.. It might get lost in the forums.. <,<
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    According to our intel, you still own a res on utopia Bob, lot 5382. I can unclaim this for you if you like, but you will lose everything on it. You wont be able to claim another res on an smp server until this one is unclaimed though.
    Same thing for your friend Alexdeminer, except their lot is 5383.
  5. bob48311 Member

    well, if you could, we would appreciate it if you unclaimed it for us. it is ok for us if we lose anything since we are starting all over again anyways. thank you to all who have replied to this thread and helped me. thank you shaun for unclaiming for us.
  6. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter

    Consider it done, I will do so shortly. :)

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