Minecraft Server Connect Issues - I need Help

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by chickeneer, Aug 12, 2012.

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  1. chickeneer Developer

    First off - this has nothing to do with minecraft.net being down. This is Client side. I got no responses after several days of me posting this- so I am redoing it...

    Intro: I recently moved into my dorms for college - ever since I have been unable to connect to ANY minecraft servers (I only play on EMC, but I tried others).

    This screenshot shows the server status of my home server smp4.

    But when I try to connect - I get this




    I have exhausted every piece of troubleshooting ideas I have.

    Any and all help is appreciated - need me to provide more information, reply please. This has been a several day old problem
  2. chickeneer Developer

    *bump* #3. Updated the OP. all help is appreciated
  3. sgx2000 Well-Known Member

    if you moved into your dorms it's possible your local college network may block your connection
  4. chickeneer Developer

    That is what I am worried about... It doesn't block anything else on the internet though

    Edit: i am trying one more thing- but I won't have the results for a few hours...
  5. sgx2000 Well-Known Member

    you can try setting up a proxy. you can easily find out if it's your college's network by doing one of these two things:

    1) ask another dorm-mate if he/she can connect
    2) go find a local free wireless and connect to that and try it
  6. chickeneer Developer

    Ok, I will look into trying that :) While my minecraft is down. I am running a couple Computer Scans.
  7. chickeneer Developer

    hmm, well I am having issues still; I have actually been able to get on a couple times but there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it... I also posted in the Minecraft Forums, No responses there yet.

    sgx2000's post may be helpful; but I don't know how to use this information lol... Yeah.

    here is the link to the other thread I created.
  8. chickeneer Developer

    Bumpity Bump Bump Bump I am getting a new error message now...

    Connection Lost
    Failed to login: java.net.UnknownHostException: session.minecraft.net
  9. Terminator908 Well-Known Member

    I am not sure what is wrong but I have a problem to. Whenever I log in to a server the mc window freezes and then 5 minutes later I log in.
  10. chickeneer Developer

    Well I have been having this problem for a week now... So yeah
  11. Gap542 Well-Known Member

    Your college blocks minecraft.... but it doesn't block porn... anything else..
    Makes sense!
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  12. chickeneer Developer

    lol, I wouldn't know; but I have not ran into any problems except Minecraft... I might just be the first student to run into the problem to have it unblocked or something.
  13. Rawson02 New Member

    every time i try to log on to smp1 it says bad login
  14. Rawson02 New Member

  15. xoluss Well-Known Member

    I am getting that aswell.
  16. medude27 New Member

    I cant get onto smp9 it keeps saying outdated server
  17. JackBiggin Moderator

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  18. jwayland Well-Known Member

    Can you ping the server? If you need help with ping, either google or let me know and I can help.
  19. 1998golfer Gold Supporter

    FYI, you bumped this thread, it was about 2 months old..
  20. chickeneer Developer

    Closing this thread: it is old news now. It just has to do with the limited bandwidth of my college's Wi-Fi. Nothing more to discuss.
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