how do you teleport back home?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by nn314, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. nn314 New Member

    Probably I'm asking some kind of really stupid question, but how do I come back to town from the Wilderness? I can't find any commands and there didn't seem to be any portals around the spawn either...
  2. jameskim885 Active Member

    Go in the protected zone then type /home
  3. daegoo Well-Known Member

    You have to get back into a protected zone in the main spawn or one of the outposts(where you cant build and your health replenlishes) and there you can do /home.
  4. FooHundred Well-Known Member

  5. _Stads_ Well-Known Member

    The protected spawn is inside the yellow box:) don't get confused about the red box!
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  6. ivonator123 Well-Known Member

    Once you Enter the protected zone of the wild/nether you will be able to do /home to go home.This means that you don't need the use of portals, if you wanted to easily go to the nether/wild you would do: /wild or /nether. ;)
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  7. _Stads_ Well-Known Member

  8. FooHundred Well-Known Member

    The yellow box is the periodic reset area, the red box is the safe zone.
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  9. _Stads_ Well-Known Member

    Oh sorry got confused!
    Listen to this guy he seems like he is smarter!
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  10. nn314 New Member

    thanks guys;)
  11. jameskim885 Active Member

    You're most welcome

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