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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Jeanzl2000, Jul 2, 2012.

  1. Jeanzl2000 Prominent Member

    Hello I need help for Empire Weekly. You see
    Empire Weekly is about the community and we want the community to be a part of Empire weekly by being in it.
    So this is how YOU can help.
    Record a .mp3 of you saying:
    Empire Weekly is Brought to You by the EMC Wiki

    and also:

    Empire Weekly is brought to you by SMP2 mall.
    Now open after major upgrades.
    An AC Inc. Mall


    Send the .mp3 to and include your Minecraft username.
    winner gets their name in the credits and some rupees
  2. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    Make sure you do it in a cool voice ;)
  3. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    I don't have good voice... -_-
  4. Jeanzl2000 Prominent Member

    Bump: Please I need it and I haven't gotten any responses
  5. Chascarrillo Elite Member

    Use loquendo... If anyone wants to do this I'll do it.

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