Give Away 2 Stacks Diamonds. :-)

Discussion in 'Products, Businesses, & Services' started by Faithcaster, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

  2. vividOptimism Distinguished Member

    Wow I won! I didn't even get an EMC alert :confused:. Good thing this was the last thing on my Laptop:D.
  3. chrisdog943 Active Member

    All full Lol
  4. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    Darkruler53 and SuperVal_junior!
    You havent claimed your stack of diamonds yet
  5. SuperVal_Junior Distinguished Member

    Faith ok a min what's your res?
  6. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

  7. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

    Ill take them!
  8. Faithcaster Distinguished Member

    Darkruler53 you are the only one who havent claimed out of the 4 winners. Please get started :)
  9. Traynfreek Distinguished Member

    what the hello kitty does that mean???!!! ( Angry face ) lol

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