Forum Game ''My Hill''

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Highbuddy, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Highbuddy Well-Known Member


    THis forum game is called ''My Hill'' the purpose is to get the hill! let me start
    I walk on the hill MY HILL!


    No one is invincible
    No one has nuclear power
    No one can ''Explode everyone except him''
    The game is ENDLESS!
  2. SecretAznEks Distinguished Member

    I push you off the hill.
    My hill.
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  3. Highbuddy Well-Known Member

    i shoot you of the hill with my arrows
    My Hill!
  4. The_Boulder Senior Staff
    Elite Member

    I catapult Chuck Norris on to the hill to Round House Kick you
    My Hill!
  5. Highbuddy Well-Known Member

    i'm walking to the hill with an goat and he kick's yo butt off the hill!
    My Hill!
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  6. The_Boulder Senior Staff
    Elite Member

    Brings a Rope then Hog's Ties and then pushing him off
    My Hill!!
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  7. NINJATTILA Distinguished Member

    NINJATTILA used Tackle!
    I was super effective
    My hill
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  8. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

    I'm gonna watch you starve to death... My hill!
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  9. NINJATTILA Distinguished Member


    My Hill!
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  10. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

    And I block that sword! My Hill!
  11. zSlumDog Distinguished Member

    Fired a cannon
    MY HILL!
  12. NINJATTILA Distinguished Member

    Cannon Misses
    My Hill
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  13. migueldemesa Prominent Member

    I'm Batman,
    MY HILL!
  14. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

    I am NUMBER 4....
    My hill!
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  15. NINJATTILA Distinguished Member

    I inherited the Hill
    My Hill
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  16. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

    But I buy the hill!
  17. SuperVal_Junior Distinguished Member

    Sorry I'm number 9....
    My hill.
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  18. zSlumDog Distinguished Member

    I build a plate form up to the sky limit
    My Hill
  19. SuperVal_Junior Distinguished Member

    I get 10 stacks of villagers.
    My hill.
  20. zSlumDog Distinguished Member

    I build a 100 foot fence around the hill
    My Hill

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