[*EVENT*] Late 4th of july celebration.

Discussion in 'Share Your EMC Creations' started by IPwnCreeps, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    So as i begin to put finishing touches on my resteraunt, i decided i wanted to hold an event for 4th of july!
    Everyone gets 1 meal of their choice 100% FREE. Also, Friends and awesome people will be put on the VIP list, and will be alowed at the VIP table, which gets free salad bar and a little gift at the end ;)
    Im still looking through tons of names trying to find all the awesome people, and a list will be posted soon.
    And in honor of fourth of july, Anyone in any military type job (doesnt even have to be us military) is automatically VIP. But spots are filling up fast, and its first come first serve. This will likely be held this weekend. Please comment if you would like to attend, Also, add if you are military. :)
    EDIT: Also, ALL staff of EMC are invited :)
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  2. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    Nobody? ;_;
  3. Skilled_Creeper Well-Known Member

    A little event would be nice :) Do you know a time frame in which it will be starting & ending?
  4. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    Around 12 pm Pacific time, either saturday or sunday
  5. Skilled_Creeper Well-Known Member

    hmm can we do sunday? saturday I am going to be busy ^-^ I have church at 8am eastern so :p I should be able to do it on sunday :)
  6. foodenator Prominent Member

    I'll come. What server is it going to be on?
  7. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    smp1. res 617
  8. Hoi Elite Member

    ¿Estoy en la lista VIP? * Hace que los ojos de cachorro *
  9. Jeanzl2000 Prominent Member

    Am I on de VIP list? *makes piggeh eyes*
  10. Hoi Elite Member

    איך האָפֿן איך בין אויף די וויפּ רשימה. : פּ
  11. Hoi Elite Member

    Google translate it like a bawse. ( copy/paste )
  12. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    Does ROTC count?
  13. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

  14. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

  15. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    Just added you :p
  16. foodenator Prominent Member

    I take it it's tomorrow.
  17. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    lol. I like you sig.
  18. Terr Distinguished Member





  19. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    lol (maybe)
  20. IPwnCreeps Prominent Member

    Due to people not replying, and certain situations, the event will be Postponed to Monday. 3:00 PM Pacific time. (California)

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