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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by JackBiggin, May 12, 2012.

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  1. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    Updates in progress. Huge revamp is being done.
    Expect the amazing when we return!
    You could say, it'll be a whole new site...

    Huge thanks to quite_indeed for the fancy new logo!
  2. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

  3. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Officially CakeCo Incorporated approved.
  4. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    hey I was wondering you should ask for a cake Co area :p and it has some information about your Co :)
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  5. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    That would be lovely. ;)
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  6. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    I can make one :p
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  7. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Do it.
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  8. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    hm erm what should I put :p
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  9. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Ill write one sometime. Just, for now, start the page with the name.
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  10. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

    I should put a page for my gifs.... :D
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  11. Squizzel_Boy Distinguished Member

    nah it takes the mic to add pictures on it :/ but yeah Im not going to make any pages yet ask the creator of the wiki if you can :)
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  12. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    And then I'll promptlyish move it to the correct section :)
  13. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    Also, to clear stuff up, ANYONE can add pages. Just don't go adding random unrelated crap or you'll get a glimpse of the My Little Pony ban screen.
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  14. crickdawg Member

    Im a great writer...just pm me stuff u want on it :)
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  15. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    Write about anything EMC related you want, everything is appreciated! :D
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  16. crickdawg Member

    I cant figure out how to add a page... xD
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  17. _Stads_ Prominent Member

    I joined and I'm pretty sure I was the 29th!!!
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  18. JackBiggin Moderator
    Elite Member

    To add a page, just use the URL you want the page to be, using _ as a space. For example, to create a page about the EMC forums, you'd type EMCwiki.com/EMC_Forum into the address bar an the editor will launch.

    This will no longer be the case on the new editor. Details will be coming soon - 15/10/12
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  19. crickdawg Member

    sweet! thx
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  20. xatharon Well-Known Member

    NOOOOOOOOOO! I will comply.
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