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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Seberling, Jul 14, 2012.

  1. Seberling Well-Known Member

    So I just started being trendy like everyone else and got one of these new Dragon Cave eggs as my signature and it turns out the one I got is pretty rare haha. Oh how pathetic I'm so bored I actually posted this. Did you guys know these had rarity statuses? Check out the rare one by clicking on the bronze egg.
  2. cam13868674 Well-Known Member

    what are those eggs for? seen a bunch of people with them in their sig.
  3. Seberling Well-Known Member

    Basically just collect them and they grow into dragons. There's a ton they all look cool, basically adds some spice to your sig. Take a look: http://dragcave.wikia.com/wiki/Dragon_Types#Alts.
  4. longtibau Member

    I clicked Your Eggs And they seem nice Mind clicking mine? :)
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  5. Seberling Well-Known Member

    :D No problem, thanks!
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  6. Terr Distinguished Member

    This should be a everyone click everyone else's thread :D
  7. Seberling Well-Known Member

    Awesome idea!
  8. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    I have eggies too. I think you have a very rare one, a Bronze Tinsel Dragon, I christmas special. Not sure though, since I only started like a week ago.
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  9. longtibau Member

    I clicked Everyone :D
  10. sneeker134 Well-Known Member

    And I click yours!
  11. ImParanoid Prominent Member

    I clicked all of yours, can you click mine. :)
    :confused: sounds kinky.
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  12. marknaaijer Distinguished Member

    Click click
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  13. longtibau Member

    Kinky :D Clicking All The Time :rolleyes:
  14. erich141 Member

    Eh, the good 'ol days when I used to have a Gold Tinsel, Siver Tinsel, and all of The Legendary Trio. Not to mention one of those weird trees (I forget what they are called). As you can probably tell, I quit a long while ago. Good luck with your eggs!
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  15. matthew12hydro Prominent Member

    Maybe I should do this dragon thing......
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  16. Seberling Well-Known Member

    Leetle trees XD I have no life hahaha!
  17. Seberling Well-Known Member

    Yea totally! I researched these things too haha and found out the rares and Holiday Specials and whatnot!
  18. KiashiSama Diamond Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    lol yea these dragon eggs get a bit crazy! But they look so cool.

    I click all dragons!! I don't have an egg atm, but will get some later.

    Also, this link was given to me to get enough clicks/views to grow mine. Not sure if you knew about it or not.

  19. Seberling Well-Known Member

    Sweet thanks for the link :D! And yea I love these things, maybe because I used to be huge into Pokemon until they stopped putting effort into making new ones. Lol I clicked all your dragons disregarding the fact they're all grown already XD.
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  20. _Stads_ Prominent Member

    Clicked everyone's dragons! Mind clicking mine?
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