Auction: Skeleton Grinder

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by Mrsmiley99, Apr 27, 2012.

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  1. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    Starting BId: 8k
    Minimum Bid Increments: 200
    Its on smp1
    Its 7/10 hard to find.
    Its a skeleton grinder.
    Bidding Will finish 24 hours after the last bid.
  2. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    aw no one wants a skeleton grinder?
  3. AmusedStew Distinguished Member

    i just bidded on a zombie 1 for 10k :) but pm my friend xbox360redbull he may be interested.
  4. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    nah the other zombie one isnt one, it was ment to be this post. :D
  5. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    Why would anyone buy a spawner, since you would know where it is..
  6. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    its a grinder.
    it grinds xp
  7. 621op Active Member

    how many spawners
  8. Mrlegitislegit Elite Member

    Your point? You could still go back to it. Also, grinders are one of the most griefted things on EMC.
  9. QuilliamPenn Diamond Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    Doesn't mean it won't make him a few thousand maybe lol
    In fact I have around 8-10 spawners I intend to sell here soon (need to go and get the x and y)
    And I intend to make some extra bucks :p
  10. 621op Active Member

    in 1 spot
  11. QuilliamPenn Diamond Supporter
    Distinguished Member

    NO lol no if they were I would not be selling them lol
    They are spread out there's like 4 blaze spawners I think and the rest are zombie and cave spider spawners
  12. 621op Active Member

    wtf 4 blaze in different place if same spot ill give you a ton for them
  13. 621op Active Member

  14. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    xD vyay somone is bididng!
  15. BigDavie Senior Staff
    Distinguished Member

    Please read and follow Auction Rules
    Notably on one auction at a time.
    I am going to close your other auctions (one completed, and two with no bids) and keep this one open as it has a bid.
    Also please use the auction subforum. There are features unique to that subforum that help keep auctions fair and drama free. I will move this thread into the auction subforum.
  16. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    ok sorry, hadnt read that yet.
  17. Flash538 Well-Known Member

    how far is this from the spawn/ outpost?
  18. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

  19. Mrsmiley99 Well-Known Member

    winner! 621 op, when i collect payment will give u coords!
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