[ Auction ] Scuba Suit + Weap + Tools [CLOSED]

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by Leowaste, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

    Ill pay when as soon as I get diamond supporter which is on friday
  2. 333kirby Well-Known Member

  3. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

  4. 333kirby Well-Known Member

  5. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

  6. MeVoid Active Member

  7. MeVoid Active Member

    whoops... 18k
  8. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

  9. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    19k is top bid
  10. shaunwhite1982 Diamond Supporter
    Prominent Member

  11. thestar19 Prominent Member

    OMG, shaun bidded 22222000r :O
    Or,wait ;)
  12. hayjam Well-Known Member

  13. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

  14. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

  15. Happyshopper Well-Known Member

  16. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

  17. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

    nvm 50.1
  18. 333kirby Well-Known Member

    Has to be 50.167k or higher creppa.
  19. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

    let me think!!!
  20. Leowaste Distinguished Member

    Creppa, do you have the funds to be bidding? You made the comment above about supporter status before paying. Are you relying on the extra bonus to pay?
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