[Auction] Pair of Enchanted Diamond Picks

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by DewTheMo, Jun 17, 2012.

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  1. DewTheMo Member

    Items: #1 Diamond Pickaxe Fortune III, Efficiency III
    #2 Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III, Efficiency IV

    Starting bid: 2500 rupees

    Minimum bid increments: 100 rupees

    Auction ends: 24 hours after the last bid

    A chest will be setup only after the payment has been made at my res 8355 smp4!
  2. zeke1o0o Well-Known Member

  3. DewTheMo Member

    Zeke1o0o in the lead with 2.5k!
  4. battmeghs Gold Supporter

  5. zeke1o0o Well-Known Member

  6. battmeghs Gold Supporter

  7. zeke1o0o Well-Known Member

  8. DewTheMo Member

    Battmeghs currently in the lead with 3.6k!
  9. Terminator908 Well-Known Member

  10. DewTheMo Member

    Terminator908 takes the lead with 4k.
  11. battmeghs Gold Supporter

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  12. DewTheMo Member

    Battmeghs leading with 4.5k
  13. DewTheMo Member

    Battmeghs wins with 4.5k! A chest will be setup after payment at my res 8355 smp4
  14. battmeghs Gold Supporter

    I'm on now..
  15. battmeghs Gold Supporter

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