[AUCTION] Pack with Tools and Weapons

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by padde73, Sep 9, 2012.

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  1. padde73 Prominent Member

    Items: 1x Fire Aspect I, Smite III Diamond Sword
    1x Fire Aspect I, Bane of Arthropods III Diamond Sword
    1x Silk Touch I Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Unbreakning III, Efficiency III, Fortune II Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Power IV Bow
    1x Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe
    1x Power I Bow

    Starting Bid: 1k.
    Minimum Bid Increasements: 100r.
    Auction Ending Time: 48 hours after the last valid bid.

    All of these tools and weapons in one awesome pack! If you win the auction you can pick them up at 523 smp1:)

    Let the bidding begin!

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  2. mlooowe Distinguished Member

  3. padde73 Prominent Member

    MissMadison910 in the lead with 1k!!
  4. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

    1111 Rupees
  5. padde73 Prominent Member

    thank you for bidding tomvanwijnen. you are in the lead
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  6. padde73 Prominent Member

    Anyone gonna bid higher?:p
  7. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

    I hope not :p
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  8. padde73 Prominent Member

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  9. padde73 Prominent Member

    Bump lol:p
  10. padde73 Prominent Member

    anyone gonna bid higher
  11. pat2011 Prominent Member

  12. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

  13. hOIVS Distinguished Member

  14. Charip Prominent Member

  15. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

  16. Charip Prominent Member

    Ah lol 1513
  17. hOIVS Distinguished Member

  18. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

  19. Charip Prominent Member

    Omg 1800
  20. TomvanWijnen Distinguished Member

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