[AUCTION] Fortune II Efficiency III Diamond Pick

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by coffee_bullet, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

    Condition: Diamond and is Unused (I only hit it once on a block)

    Fortune II: Give more minerals when mining blocks like lapis, redstone, coal, diamond e.t.c

    Efficiency III: Mines Quicker :D

    Start Price: 1.5k

    MinIncrease: 200r

    My res is 1004 on SMP1 :)

    Happy Bidding :cool:
  2. gabe627 Active Member

  3. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

    anyone else?
  4. pumpkyn Member

  5. pateraterick Prominent Member

  6. pateraterick Prominent Member

    Your bid is invalid!
  7. coffee_bullet Prominent Member

    ok pateraterick i winning with 1888r :D
  8. pateraterick Prominent Member

    By the way, I just realised that your auction is invalid! You can not place a broken tool in any auction, you did not add the ending time, and so I would like you to re-auction the items!
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