[AUCTION] Double chest of Oak logs!

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by ronessmagic, Aug 16, 2012.

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  1. ronessmagic Member

    I am auctioning a double chest of wood logs!

    Starting bid: 1k
    Minimum raise: 50r
  2. ronessmagic Member

    Any bidders?
  3. Pab10S Distinguished Member

  4. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

  5. ronessmagic Member

    Terry is winning!
  6. mtp1997 Distinguished Member

    You must list an ending time.
  7. rizmanist99 Member

    3.5k but when will it end???
  8. moyaboya Well-Known Member

  9. BobTheTomato9798 Prominent Member

  10. rizmanist99 Member

    :) wont stop aint stopin
  11. TerryDaTerrorist Prominent Member

  12. rizmanist99 Member

  13. ronessmagic Member

    Ends in 2 weeks
  14. IamSaj Prominent Member

    after the last bid? I would say 24 hours after last bid
  15. ronessmagic Member

    Rizmanist is winning!
  16. ronessmagic Member

    no more bids in 2 weeks
  17. IamSaj Prominent Member

    Oh so auction ENDS in 2 weeks. But you still have to put who wins: Example:
    Auction Winner wins 24 hours after last bid
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  18. ronessmagic Member

  19. COOLBG911 Well-Known Member

  20. ronessmagic Member

    Coolbg is in the lead!
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