[Auction] Double Chest of Amazing Picks and more!!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by Golden_Guppy, Aug 5, 2012.

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  1. Golden_Guppy Well-Known Member

    2012-08-04_23.26.46.png CONTENTS:
    2 Silk Touch + Eff IV + Unbreaking III pickaxes
    3 Stacks of Slimeballs
    2 Stacks of Blaze Rods
    5 Stacks of Ender Pearls
    2 Stacks of Redstone
    1 Stack of Diamond
    1 Stack of Gold
    1 Stack of Iron
    1 Stack of Leather
    5 Blocks of Iron
    1 Block of Gold
    4 Blocks of Lapis Luzuli
    6 Spare Diamond
    1 Block of Diamond

    Enchanted Leather Armor:

    Helmet(Protection I)
    Chestplate(Projectile Protection II)
    Leggings(Protection I)
    Boots(Feather Falling I)

    Enchanted Iron Armor:
    Helmet(Projectile Protection II)
    Chestplate(Protection I)
    Leggings(Protection I)
    Boots(Feather Falling II, Blast Protection II)

    Enchanted Gold Armor:
    Helmet(Projectile Protection III)
    Chestplate(Protection II)
    Leggings(Projectile Protection I)
    Boots(Feather Falling IV, ProjectilevProtection IV) OMG!

    Enchanted Diamond Armor:
    Helmet(Protection I)
    Chestplate(Protection I)
    Leggings(Projectile Protection I)
    Boots(Protection I)

    Starting Bid: 1,000r
    Auction Ends: 48 Hours after Last Bidder
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  7. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    no max bid!!


    15.5k :p
  8. Golden_Guppy Well-Known Member

    Nfell2009 in the lead with 15.5k!
  9. Golden_Guppy Well-Known Member

  10. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    dont bump i want it XD
  11. CreppaNinga235 Well-Known Member

    It's actually 5 stacks of slimeballs, not 3...
  12. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

  13. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    dont be awkward

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  17. nfell2009 Well-Known Member

    dont waste all your money, it must be long to get some! 16,100
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