[AUCTION] Diamond Pickaxe Unbreaking III Fortune III Efficiency IV

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by Bobalek, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. pengw7n Active Member

  2. Daffy22 Prominent Member

    5k. And please stop bumping this thread!
  3. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    Daffy22 is in the lead at 5k
  4. pengw7n Active Member

  5. josh303011 Diamond Supporter
    Prominent Member

  6. pengw7n Active Member

  7. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    Pengw7n won the Pick at 6k.
    Please tell me what server you want me to drop it off on!
  8. pengw7n Active Member

    smp1 please
  9. pengw7n Active Member

    or if you want you can set up a chest whereever, tell me when ur on so i can pay you
  10. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    Tomorrow I'll set up a chest at my res 6031 with a buy sign so that u can get it it will be behind a locked door with ur name ton it
  11. pengw7n Active Member

    Alright sounds good!
  12. Agent_Notch Well-Known Member

  13. Agent_Notch Well-Known Member

  14. Agent_Notch Well-Known Member

  15. Bobalek Well-Known Member

    The chest is set up and ready for you.
  16. pengw7n Active Member

    Getting on!
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