[Auction] CakeCo MegaAuction #1 - Enchants

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by roblikescake, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Oleyy Active Member

  2. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Oleyy is in the lead with 25k
  3. drogba921 Well-Known Member

  4. drogba921 Well-Known Member

    edit, im at 24k.. olley still leads
  5. slozon Well-Known Member

  6. FearlessWaffle Well-Known Member

  7. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Please refrain from posting if your not going to bid.
  8. scarligmione Active Member

  9. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Current bid:

    32k from scarligmione
  10. Harukono Well-Known Member

    That is sure a darn lot of rupees going around. ;)
  11. Harukono Well-Known Member

    Did you ever realize that diamond supporters get paid over $70 in rupees a month?
  12. Xandrow Prominent Member

  13. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Xandrow is now in the lead with 35k.

    Roughly 18 hours left.
  14. slozon Well-Known Member

  15. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    slozon is now in the lead at 40k. 24 hours remaining.
  16. 41k

    I withdrawl:) sorry
  17. 621op Active Member

  18. 621op Active Member

    Man didn't read the rest
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  19. FearlessWaffle Well-Known Member

    srry :0 i was bored
  20. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Slozon is winning with 40k. 9 minutes remaining unless another bid is made.
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