[Auction] CakeCo MegaAuction #1 - Enchants

Discussion in 'Community Auction Archives' started by roblikescake, Apr 29, 2012.

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  1. Oleyy Active Member

  2. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Oleyy is in the lead with 25k
  3. drogba921 Well-Known Member

  4. drogba921 Well-Known Member

    edit, im at 24k.. olley still leads
  5. slozon Prominent Member

  6. FearlessWaffle Well-Known Member

  7. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Please refrain from posting if your not going to bid.
  8. scarligmione Active Member

  9. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Current bid:

    32k from scarligmione
  10. Harukono Prominent Member

    That is sure a darn lot of rupees going around. ;)
  11. Harukono Prominent Member

    Did you ever realize that diamond supporters get paid over $70 in rupees a month?
  12. Xandrow Prominent Member

  13. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Xandrow is now in the lead with 35k.

    Roughly 18 hours left.
  14. slozon Prominent Member

  15. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    slozon is now in the lead at 40k. 24 hours remaining.
  16. 41k

    I withdrawl:) sorry
  17. 621op Active Member

  18. 621op Active Member

    Man didn't read the rest
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  19. FearlessWaffle Well-Known Member

    srry :0 i was bored
  20. roblikescake Distinguished Member

    Slozon is winning with 40k. 9 minutes remaining unless another bid is made.
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