Are YOU ready for 1.9 release?

Discussion in 'General Minecraft Discussion' started by tato505, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. tato505 Member

    Hey guys! Its just as the title says! Are u rdy o.o
  2. autonamus Distinguished Member

    I haven't really read too much about this one. other than dragons which I think it rather stupid.
  3. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    There is so much going on with 1.9 its hard to keep track. I personally welcome the update. Although I really hope they address some of the underlying technical issues of the game and game server.
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  4. Fynriel Distinguished Member

    I can't wait! I read somewhere that you can use Eye's of Ender to locate strongholds, now that's exciting!
  5. tato505 Member

    justinguy! u are on!!!
    I needs ur help :(!
  6. JustinGuy Original Founder
    Prominent Member

    You can always private message me by clicking on my name and then "start a conversation" I check those throughout the day :)
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  7. AusQB Distinguished Member

    Technically we won't get to play an official 1.9 release. It will be withheld to be integrated into the 1.0 release at Minecon in a few weeks.
  8. tato505 Member

    Oh yea!
    Thanks for reminding me
  9. AusQB Distinguished Member

    I can only imagine what the Bukkit upgrade will be like for 1.0. I'm anticipating a much longer wait than 1.8.
  10. Malicaii12 Prominent Member

    I heard they're going to be used to teleport to a nearby space that you're looking at. Dunno which'd be cooler... But i've still not found a single stonghold! D: I'm forever finding villages, but no strongholds. :/
    I'm really looking forward to the NPCs in villages and I'm not so sure about dragons; It could either go really well or be just awful.

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