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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by slash14459, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. slash14459 Well-Known Member

    Since I noticed that me and some other EMC players have been playing Hexxit I thought why not make a thread for it? If you don't know what Hexxit you can Click Here.

    If you play Hexxit here you can talk about Scythian Hexxit related. I.E. Cool features you like, Your favorite animal, a new item, ect.
    One of the things I liked yet found very creepy is the Limbo dimension.
    The only things I have found are these. (Monoliths) They are creepy and all that exist in the Limbo world. They make eerie noises and if you drop an item close to them the item will float back to you. One other thing, you can't hurt them.
    2013-06-26_01.12.01.png The sky.
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  2. darkfader0 Well-Known Member

  3. sonicol1 Well-Known Member

    \o3o/ chocobos and penguins
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  4. darkfader0 Well-Known Member

    hex hex hexx hex hexxi hexxi hexxit hexxit
  5. darkfader0 Well-Known Member

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  6. SpaceShuttleFan Well-Known Member

    Despite the fact that I tend to play packs that add new technology like machines a lot more than dungeon crawlers like Hexxit (as the Minecraft combat system needs work to make it more than just left-click spamming), I've been enjoying Hexxit. How exactly do you get to the Limbo dimension? I'd love to creep myself out.
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  7. RED_Spy1 Well-Known Member

    And adding onto that - If you'll notice, a lot of people in the comments for the "Hexxit is now out!" thread, a lot of people are all, "DURR, NO MACHINES!? ERMAHGERD I HAVE TO PLAY THIS!!!" If you can't even go on a wiki to figure out how something works, then I'll give you the honest truth: You shouldn't even be playing Tekkit. Or do you need a video to see how it works? :rolleyes:
  8. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    you go into one of the dimensional doors and die in that realm. the only way i could get out of limbo was through the nether...
  9. AmusedStew Diamond Supporter

    Someone should host a hexit server for people to play on... :rolleyes:
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  10. AmusedStew Diamond Supporter

    soooo, this mob is invincible, it reheals itself.....
  11. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    i havnt got to really enjoy this, i cant play LAN because all the mobs glitch out and turn invisible..
  12. TheEpic5 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, someone do this!
  13. DogsRNice Well-Known Member

    what's this modpack about?
  14. slash14459 Well-Known Member

    how I got out the first time but when I went I learned that if you are in survival mode and go into the lakes it teleports you to the surface.
  15. slash14459 Well-Known Member

    2013-06-26_12.01.23.png This is a Battletower Golem. They spawn when you reach the final floor of a battletower. After you kill it the battle tower will start to expload until there's nothing left. 2013-06-26_12.02.39.png
  16. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    i would, but you need donations to run a server, and i cant trust people to do that xD
  17. TheEpic5 Well-Known Member

  18. Jcplugs Well-Known Member

    I would host one but it would be whitelisted and you would have to apply.. Limited spaces yo. And i'm pretty sure you'd have to talk to an admin to ask if you could do that and post the IP on the forums or a forum about it..
  19. dylan_frenette Well-Known Member

    you cant post the IP but you can invite people and send the IP through private messages.. at least thats what i did with tekkit and Feed the beast.
  20. Jcplugs Well-Known Member

    Hm. okie dokie den. I'll see what I can do :p (So promises though )
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