Sep 18, 2011
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On to greener pastures

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Original EMC Founder, Male, from On to greener pastures

I found a picture of when I was a baby. -> Apr 16, 2014 at 3:34 PM

    1. fallingoutvegas
      I've got the same problem as everyone else. The site doesn't even exist I looked for it. I play regularly nearly every day. I played late at night yesterday and it worked. Is this a small error in the servers or the servers have broken down
      1. mtp1997
        The problem has been fixed
        Jun 17, 2012
      2. fallingoutvegas
        ok thanks
        Jun 17, 2012
    2. Fribster102
      im having the same problem as diako77. SMP7 users are experiencing some odd case where they want us to register again or something of the like.
      1. mtp1997
        The database server is currently down. You need to wait for the servers to be fixed.
        Jun 17, 2012
      2. Fribster102
        aw maannn :(
        Jun 17, 2012
    3. diako77
      Why Is it ive played for 12 days but now its telling me a code to get on?
      Please help! :(
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      2. mtp1997
        The last time it happened, it took several days. But I don't know how long it will take this time.
        Jun 17, 2012
      3. diako77
        Aww Ok ty
        Jun 17, 2012
      4. mtp1997
    4. mtp1997
      Can you come on SMP1 and put some lava at spawn so I can get the chickens killed
    5. Dsmario64
      Hey I am leaving for two months but I will come back around agust no later than september and where I will go doesn`t have internet so please keep my stuff where it is unless i dont come back by the end of september
    6. TheEpic5
      ICC I have a question vnsa can't give container flags on smp6 can you fix it?
    7. Danieloo6
      can you pass it on toMC?
    8. Danieloo6
      with toilet paper and air freshners,oh and add coconuts to make fresnher
    9. Danieloo6
      i have an idea for mC allow Miners to poop and piss!!!
      1. skrillexrocks500 likes this.
      2. jkjkjk182
        What the hell is wrong with you?...
        Jun 17, 2012
      3. BobTheTomato9798
        Agreed ^
        Jun 18, 2012
    10. finch_rocks_1
      ICC i need ur help on smp6 there is a theif
      1. ThdCoolkid likes this.
    11. JackBiggin
      1. IcecreamCow
        I don't see where you mean?
        Jun 16, 2012
      2. JackBiggin
        Must have been edited or I'm going mad. I'm sure where it says 'Sand generators are not allowed' said 'Sand generators are now allowed' when you first posted it...
        Jun 16, 2012
    12. rockmer
      Hi! I'm going to stay in foreign country for 14 days soon. And so, i ask you do not reclaim my resident on your server. I really like your server and i don't want waste my resident.
      So please, let my res stay on your server.

      P.S. Please, exсuse me if my English is not very good. English is not my mother tongue
    13. ifedefi
      please can you help me IcecreamCow? i was banned for spam but i was wrong and i regret, can you sban me? i love EmpireMinecraft!!!
      1. MissMadison910
        PM him, or the mod that banned you. ICC must hate when people post these appeals on his page.
        Jun 23, 2012
    14. MR_TNT24
      i was banned for dancing and shaking my head crazy and jumping will u please help
      the person who banned me: aikar
      1. jkjkjk182
        We do not accept hacked clients here. From what i heard, you were clearly using "derp mode" in a hacked client. Nice try.
        Jun 16, 2012
      2. marknaaijer
        How do you know that?
        Jun 17, 2012
    15. Lori9697
      there was this guy who killed my wolf on purpose. can you find out who he is?
    16. lman0pie
      when this other player killed my sister and i. He has just got me banned can you please do something about this, because I had just joined and was having a lot of fun. Thank you
      1. JackBiggin
        PM the staff member who banned you.
        Jun 14, 2012
    17. themrgochezz
      hey i am having trouble signing on the server
    18. williamwilliamd
      can you plese un banned me i am sorry i am vary sorry :) :) :) :-)
    19. pateraterick
      Very late : Happy Birthday!
    20. copherfield
      Please ban me from the forums for a month, I need some focus and this is not helping me much.
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    On to greener pastures
    My name is Jeremy and I'm a game-a-holic. My friends and I like to play fun games in our spare time and record the shenanigans that come from them. Feel free to check out my youtube channel here:

    We have a wide variety of games we enjoy recording and try and hit up all the 'big' ones when we can, like the COD, GTA, Minecraft, etc.

    Our goal is humor, which is sometimes a bit on the mature side, especially depending on the game. Feel free to give us a sub if you'd like and let us know if you like our videos. :)


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