Well? Is it time?

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Should I stay or should I go?

Yes 3 vote(s) 30.0%
No 7 vote(s) 70.0%
  1. Ever since I joined here no one has seemed to realize that all I did was read, school activities, other gaming and The Red Wolves was all I cared about. I spent hours every day trying to figure out how to make us better. I obviously did not do a very good job but… I have decided to leave it up to you if I should stay or I should go. I just want to help people… but someone never seems to get It… whether sOmeone who doesn't agree with s or someone who gets upset when I put them on probation for breaking a rule. So should I stay or should I go?
  2. "The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them." Kepp trying, "Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped."
  3. Don't let the actions and opinions of others force your decision of mutiny. The Empire is all about having fun, and no one should be capable of ruining that. This decision is up to you, and you alone.
  4. I own a group that I made called Crimson Blades Entertainment. I only have a leader and a few members with me, but we act like we're a full blown community! We have been trying to gain members for a good year now, and gained only two members in the process.

    Here is my example to you.

    Don't stop because nothing is happening. Don't stop because it seems useless.

    Be your own boss, and enforce what you believe in. Find out what is wrong and try to fix the problem.
    In the long run, you will hit the start button to a new beginning.

    Criticism is easy, though art is truly difficult.

    When you lose, try to figure out if you gave up, or stood strong.
    If you stood strong, surely you can stand back up again.

    Good luck out there. :)
  5. Hmm then why does it happen when I try to have fun someone comes along and doesn't see eye to eye then someone else complains and it gets shut down?
  6. Find out what they are complaining about. This is your goal.
  7. Fluff,don't let other's opinions put you down.You need to be strong in your decisions and stand for what is right. As a
    fellow Red Wolf and your best friend,i vote that you should stay.
  8. How does a "yes" or "no" option work for the question "Should I stay or should I go?"
  9. legacy if you want fluff 2 go,say yes.if u dont,say no.i voted no.we're bffs
  10. This is the exact reason that "factions" are not officially supported here. We allow the community to participate in any way they choose, that falls within the limits of our own standards.
    You must understand that your decision to create a splinter community within the Empire is going to bring you both positive and negative feedback.
    You must look at your leadership qualities. Are you unbiased, fair and impartial or are you opinionated and allow your feelings toward another individual sway your decisions? When you try to be the leader, you must present yourself as a beacon of what is expected of your members. If you set a standard and then ignore it because you are the boss, you have effectively shown everyone that you are not a true leader but instead a power hungry monster. This will incite mutiny in your ranks quickly.

    Look to the military of all countries, from past to present, drug cartels, governments, resistance/rebel groups, businesses, etc. for examples of both good and bad leadership. You will see one quality that rests at their core; the actions of their leaders.
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  11. well said