[SUGGESTION] Games server live map button link change

Discussion in 'The Suggestion Box' started by Astromath1959, Oct 12, 2021 at 10:02 PM.

  1. Right now, the live map button redirects to this page which has nothing to do with the games server specifically but all servers in general.

    Suggestion: Remove the live map button.
    Alternate suggestion: Link the live map button to dynmap (so it can be like all the other server live map buttons).

    This could also be listed as a bug:
    Expected behavior: links to dynmap (like all the other live map buttons)
    Actual behavior: links to a web page that deals with servers in general
  2. Hey Astro! You're seeing that page because there is no livemap for games. It isn't really needed because games does not fit the same model as the other servers with a town, waste, etc. Instead, it's a bunch of stuff in random locations with teleports connecting it. The page you found is the landing page, which is where any Empire Minecraft links that don't actually exist lead to. :)

    For example, typing "chicken.emc.gs" in your web browser will take you to the same location.

    If you're talking about the button on the server page AncientTower linked, that is something that only the owner (Aikar) can change. Unfortunately, because of the setup for EMC's website, it is incredibly hard to make changes without breaking other features.
  3. It shouldn't be too hard to change the link to respond to an actual page about the games server (such as a wiki page) and relabel the button to "wiki page."