Stable help.

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  1. Hello fellow crafters,

    Yesterday stable crashed and was not fixed until today. It now works but my horse that was in there disappeared. Multiple people had a missing animal. Mine was a donkey with about 115% speed, 73% jump and 26 or so HP. Did anyone else loose animals due to the crash?
  2. I lost my White Horse, but I'm not sure if my problem is exactly yours. I just left it on some random residence, and it didn't teleport back after 5 minutes. I've thoroughly checked my res, inside and out, never found it. I plan on just searching every place in SMP2 if I can't find it, it means a lot to me as it's my 1st Horse.
  3. Thanks for bumping this. I think several horses have been lost due to issues with this/
  4. Lost? I really hope not permanently... But yeah, this needs attention.
  5. Aikar one day did something wrong. The stable kind of crashed. This defiantly needs more attention then it is getting.
  6. People should get their horses back...however I do not use the feature :p
  7. Yeah.. I lost a horse in the 120s but at least I had a backup. Hope they somehow trace it.
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  8. Wait horses in stables disappeared!!!!!!!!!! If this is so, i'm stuck in the wild! :(:mad:
  9. Lost one of my favorites too. My best horse.
  10. :(Mysterious Horse slayers returning!