[SHOP] The Soul Forge, now selling items

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  1. That's right folks! The Soul Forge has been primed and is now channeling the power of the gods into brand new gear!

    Currently, only Soul-Forged Fortune Picks, and Soul Speed III books are available, but don't worry, the stock will continue to expand.

    The blacksmith is also receiving custom orders. Order any type of armor, tools, or other misc gear and have it enchanted to your specifications.

    The Soul Forge blacksmith will make sure you're well equipped for every kind of encounter! Grab a set of gear for every server and be prepared for anything!

    Hope to see you check in soon! Visit at /v +shrines or /v 17766 on SMP8 (use the teleports under the diagonal arches right at spawn)

    P.S. No, the shrines aren't finished. Yes, I will stop procrastinating them sometime.
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  2. The Soulforge is now selling Axolotls of every type! Get yourself a fun little aquatic buddy! They even come with a unique name! All variants are available.