[Selling] Misc EMC Promos from 2016 - Present

Discussion in 'Selling' started by AbstractToast9, Jul 4, 2022.

  1. I’ll take the labor bench
  2. Sure. Send payment and I’ll get it mailed ASAP
  3. sent pls send it to that account
  4. Mailed, attached is a screenshot of what is left. Just added some items

    I want to emphasize this is all priced to sell, and all prices are negiotable

  5. Update on inventory, all for sale

  6. I would like the 2 2022 candles please
  7. Mailed please send payment when you can
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  8. sent pmt
  9. can i get the 2020 and 2022 ugly sweaters? (one of each)

    im also interested in the labor loom, but its been a hot min since iv been online so im not 100% sure on the price lol
    does 15k sound ok?
  10. 1 2020 ugly sweater pls
  11. Paid
  12. Heya abstract you havnt been on in a few weeks. Everything ok?
  13. Sorry I’ve been busy. Did I send you the promo yet? I’ll check tomorrow
  14. Just a quick update post. I am in an area of the world with really poor wifi and cellular connectivity so my time in game will be limited. Please do not send my accounts money unless I let you know in advance because my time in game will be extremely limited and unpredictable
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  15. thx for the update!
    Any idea when you'll be able to get back to a better connected area? I don't need a specific date, more just a time frame, so i know when to come back and check.
  16. Reserve a 2020 ugly sweater for me pls