( REVERSE AUCTION ) 2x 2019 Independence Day Fireworks

Discussion in 'Reverse Auctions' started by AncientTower, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. I wants what I ain'ts got and you gots what I wants.. I'll give you money for lighty boom boom sky arts. You just have to be the last bidder, good luck..

    Reverse Auction !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2x 2019 Independence Day Fireworks
    Starting max bid is 30k or 30,000 rupees or 1,000 rupees X 30 payments, your choice.
    Min bid decrease is 500 rupees or 500 rupees no less but can bid decrease 30k if you'd like.
    May the price be low and the fireworks shoot high.
    Auction ends 48 hrs after final bid

    Guess I'll have to log in to the game to make payment and collect the boom boom sticks.
  2. Updated new starting bid.........