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  1. Left flashdrive in my pc while doing a system restore, came back to this...
    Nothing opens, just gives errors
    How do I get back my valuable information from all that mumbo jumbo?
  2. Rest in Broken File Pieces
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  3. I don't know if there is a way. System restores delete files from after the restore point.
  4. System Restore doesnt delete documents though
    The files on my usb were from way before the reset point I did
    thanks for the support m8
  5. Why? Its not really theyre fault, its mine for leaving my usb in.
  6. I don't think it would wipe a flash drive. Unless you were doing something "weird" with it (boot drive, enabled system restore on it, put your page file on it, etc.)

    It is possible the drive had a special driver on it, or some form of encryption? Does the number of folders look right or is it completely trashed?
  7. I know it doesn't delete documents. By files I meant programs and windows updates.
  8. Heres the story, bamastake deleted something, did system restore, forgot flash drive in, when it booted up again my flash drive was just called E:/
    The number of folders do not look correct
  9. Sacrifice another flash drive. If the hard drive gods accept your offer, they'll give you back your corrupted information.
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  10. Ive got one more on death row
  11. I have given up hope on my USB.
    looks like I'll have to spend hours backtracking my game oh god.
    All of this because I wanted to make some art have some stupid lighting effects. Which didn't work and just kept giving me those little people inside the art
    It's fricking creepy lol
  12. I am the biggest idiot ill tell you that!
    I totally did not find the deleted file in my recycle bin...
  13. You mean you found the file you did the restore for or you found what you lost off your flashdrive?
  14. both,
    super happy now,
    this is what my game looks like now with the needed files
    I think im going to start using the cloud
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