[NEW POEM] - "That Girl 10 Years Ago" - by The Aoi_K Group and Delitarha Akenary

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  1. Here's a poem we wrote last night when we were thinking about how fast last year flew by.

    "That Girl 10 Years Ago" by Delitarha Akenary, a lead servant/disciple, and her older sisters, the Aoi_K Group, goddesses from The Embodiment of the Universe Committee.

    I miss that girl I was ten years ago.
    There is so much in this world I still don’t know.
    While the days go by ever so slow,
    It seems like the years just come and go.

    I look back in a mirror of woe.
    I see myself set aglow.
    No longer do my veins flow,
    With energy that filled my status quo.

    Oh, how I wish for it to be so,
    That the world should stop its efforts to grow.
    Time passes, and I need time to borrow.
    I see that crow behind me in tow.

    Even though I feel the winds blow,
    And the cold breeze creates snow,
    As I take a sip of my hot cocoa,

    I will just sit back and enjoy the show.
    What do you all think?

  2. Very beautiful, actually--the rhymes aren't forced and it flows very nicely :)

    Thanks for sharing!
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