New Modern Sky Scraper!!!

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  1. I'm building a modern skyscraper in my lot that I would like everyone to see as it goes up! Right now I only have the framework up, no internal guts have been put in yet. Don't mind the dirt in some places of the frame, it is simply there as a temporary way to get around. Dirt is my cheapo scaffolding.

    I hope everyone likes it, and I'm hoping to get it done in the coming 2 weeks.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions for what to put in this, let me know! Most floors will be 4 blocks high (From floor to roof) so they're spacious, but not too huge. One floor will be 6 or 7 blocks high, that will be my ball room or party room... unless someone has a better idea for me!

    This building is going to be my one-stop shop for everything, it will have a forgery, crafting rooms, bedrooms, storage rooms, etc, etc, etc. Maybe even a compact cobble generator as well... if I can get one to fit on one of those floors.

    Also, I would like to tell you all that Roja22 is supplying a LOT of this stone for FREE. I would like to do a favor back for him by advertising his shop here. It is residence 3526 if memory serves (Or just use his name) and his prices are really good. I can never repay him for all that he has donated towards this project, so thank you!

    2011-11-23_11.22.25.jpg 2011-11-23_11.22.14.jpg

    Thanks for your comments!
  2. Very nice, I love to see new stuff as it is built. I am also happy to see Empire players helping each other out :)
  3. Just a question or two...
    What Server are you on?
    What is your res address?

    I'd love to look at your house some time; maybe you can have some of my excess stone, too.
  4. Looks very good1 I like how it isnt a bland rectangular up and down sky scraper and still keeps a organized look. May I suggest a farm on a floor?
  5. For design purposes, you can do a tile floor. Try alternating double stone slabs with furnaces. It looks really nice.
  6. You can use /visit ComradeGrumbles and if it is on a different server it will tell you :)
  7. Roja22 and I are on the second (new) server. I can set up a box that buys stone for free if anyone wants to donate. I'm not requesting donations, but if you have any extra stone lying around I really appreciate it!

    Crazy1080: I believe I will do a tile floor, at least on the first floor. Maybe on the rest.

    BossBaby: A farm is a good idea, that could possibly go on the 3rd floor since it will be the second largest of all the floors.

    Thank you all! I will post up more screenshots in the coming days as I get nearer to completion!
  8. no problem :3