My latest Minecraft-related song.

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  1. I just finished another song: Monster's Lament -Minecraft Edition.

    I actually wrote this as a sort of anti-war protest song, but decided to record a Minecraft version first mostly because I'm not sure how well the other version will go over.
  2. That was magnificent! I really love the way this version of it sounds :D
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  3. Thank you.
  4. What guitars do you use for this?
  5. I used an Ibanez acoustic-electric played as an acoustic, a Gibson Epiphone electric, and a Rogue VB100 bass. I use Presonus Studio 1 software with their Audiobox USB and an Akai MPK mini. I also have the Presonus M7 mic that came with the Audiobox kit and an AKG D5 mic. I mic the acoustic guitar with the D5 and my vocals with the M7. The electric and bass get patched directly into the Audiobox.

    I also have an Alvarez acoustic-electric and a Washburn acoustic, but they weren't used on this.

    I usually use Addictive Drums, but I tapped out stuff on the MPK mini for this because none of the canned drums sounded right.
  6. Yay Gibson :)
  7. I haven't had the guitar in my picture for years, which if I remember right was also a Gibson.
  8. If any of you have good screenshots or short video clips of the damaged areas around spawn points on some of the servers or groups of creepers, endermen, or other minecraft monsters I would like to use them to make a video of this song for my Youtube channel. You could send them to my personal email with the subject "monster's lament content".

    Thank you
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  9. That sir, was amazing can't wait for the video!
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  10. I'm still hoping people will send me some short video clips of monsters that I can use in a video, especially anything that looks like a monster being tormented or tortured. Screen captures of devastated areas would also be useful.
  11. If only my laptop use powerful to record...