My first Program

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  1. Note master is a program between Word, and Notepad. I made it myself and posted this thread on it. I will continue to edit and update this post with any garunteed bugs. I will also add any new updates! I am currently working on a website for my program. :)
    BUGS: (Yes I found one.)

    • 1) If you update a file and then save it with the same name as before, it asks if you want to replace the old. If you click yes, and then open it later, it won't have the changes.


    • 1) If you edit it in Word, the open it again in Note Master, it saves the chages made in word.
  2. Before I try it, you must give me 3 good reasons to do so.
  3. 1. Someone from the Empire made it. (Me! :D)
    2. Its free.
    3. Your computer will be able to read *.rtf files if you get it.

    Please report any bugs.

    You can open the *.rtf files in word, but can't open word files in Note Master
  4. How do I know its not a virus?
  5. Why would I write a virus? I don't even now how! I have it on my computer, so it wouldn't be a virus: Why would I put a virus on my computer?
  6. if it is a virus your computers anit virus software should tell u or just delete the file
  7. Just what a virus maker would say! JK I'll give it a try.
  8. Liar, every programmer knows that your first program is always Hello World! :D

    Anyway, good job. Hope you stick with it and improve further.
  9. Actualy this isn't y first program. :/ My first just displayed my name. This is my first *INDEPENDENT* program.
  10. My computer asks me before doing anything. Its always bugging me about: "Your computer is at risk" and other stuff. It hasn't ever been true. ;)
  11. Thats why i have panda cloud av, Its never been wrong before!
  12. What is that?
  13. Its an antivirus, but its light on your computer because all of the work is done on other computers over the internet.
  14. Oh, I'm not sure I want people looking at my files. :|
  15. Thats not what i meant, they have a cloud, a bridge of their computers, that run the program for you basically. Otherwise its just an antivirus