Minecraft Inventions/Contraptions

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  1. So one of my favorite parts about minecraft is your ability to make interesting and sometimes practical machines to make life just a bit easier in the empire.

    With the multitude of options available to us (ie: red stone, pistons, switches, powered rails...etc) I have seen some great examples of chicken farms, extremely efficient layouts for getting the most wheat out of a field, tons of ways to make cobblestone, and even sliding doors!

    Please use this thread as a space to put your favorite inventions (whether you made them or just saw them online).

    Notice: Please do not post ideas that use exploits or break the rules of the empire.
  2. Here are a couple of sites to get us started. I am surprised there is no site dedicated to these kinds of things (yet there are hundreds on crafting and "how to survive your first night".

    This is a forum I found that has a lot of cool descriptions of some clever inventions.

    Can't go wrong with reddit/r/minecraftinventions. This one includes lots of videos and is easier to brows the most popular stuff.
  3. This was great! That must have taken quite a while to build.
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  4. Here is a really interesting vid on farming by Tyken132.

  5. It must of done... Im not sure as to how long though, I never built it, but I saw this thread as an excellent place to share it because I found it quite a while back... its bloody awesome!
  6. I love that, Ive got an idea for an automatic system with pistons controling water, will let you know if I complete it :)
  7. That is one thing I really want to see more of. I have only really seen a cobblestone gen and an automatic lighting system with the pistons so far. I bet there are millions of new things to do with them.
  8. Check out my residence on smp1 :) I have an auto-farm with pistons and water. /v Twitch1
  9. I've always ben fasinated with cobblestone generators. On youtube there are so many different designs, and ive refined and put many different kinds of cobblestone generators on my res.
  10. Woah! I can just type /v!? That just increased my productivity by 5! I will definitely check out your res today :)

    Are you on smp1 or 2? Would you mind if I went and took a look?
  11. Im on smp1 (2388), I'll leave my door open so you can get in. Just beware I've still got more im building.