L.A. Noire!

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  1. So, I just ordered this game by Rockstar!

    Anyone know if it is good? Please tell me what you think of the game below! Thanks to all :D
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  2. Never herd of it before. But seeing how it's from Rockstar, it's probably good.
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  3. It sounds familiar, but I have no Idea what it's about. (Add L.A. Niore to the ever expanding list of games that I want to know about, but don't have the time to research)
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  4. Kind of like a 1947 version of GTA, where you are some kind of troubled policeman I think, I took a look at a couple trailers and it looks interesting :) Thanks for your input
  5. I want to play GTA sooooooo bad, but my parents are all "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE THAT BECAUSE THERE'S GUNS, BLOOD, BAD WORDS, AND OTHER CRAP THAT'S INAPPROPRIATE FOR YOU!!!!!"
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  6. Well, in some cases that is true :p
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  7. I've played the game and beat it. It was a great game, but only give it a 9/10. Reason i give it this score is because the add ons aren't incorporated into the game like most other add ons for other games. to play the add ons in LA Noire you have to go to the home screen and pick the mission out. It becomes a little tedious, but the rest of the game was amazing.
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  8. Well I did buy the complete addition, so I guess I will have to play from the home screen but it is best to do that than nothing at all :) Thanks for your input, it was very reassuring ;)
  9. no problem
  10. I played up to the arson missions. The arson ones are so boring that I stopped playing :p I really do like Fire stuff, hence FDNY but I just did not find the arson cases fun enough :S
  11. It's one of my favorite games! The story is good and the gameplay is fun. It's the closest thing from being a real detective. :cool:
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  12. Yep, I absolutely loved it until arson :eek: