Issues with rails and minecarts

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  1. After more than a year of work (thanks 1.18!) I finally remade my first farm.

    Given that Mojang wants to prevent mobs from spawning in portals, I had to switchi it from a portal-based farm to a 1-dimension farm.

    To collect the drops, I decided to use hopper minecarts on parallel rails.

    In my test word everything works fine.

    On the server, after some minutes of operation, the minecarts start getting stuck at various bends.
    The problems seems to be multiple:
    • minecarts on different (neighbouring) rails collide when turning
    • some minecart jump from one rail line to another, even if there is no rail piece connecting the two lines
    Does anyone have a solution?

    The only thing I am left with is to switch from rail lines to hoppers, but it would be almost a DC of hoppers, I hear that would be laggy.
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  2. I noticed this happens on my farms. I have carts that have been running cleanly for years, and a few that seem to get stuck regularly. My best guess is that when a cart turns it has a chance to impact a cart in the next lane.

    When I have carts that all turn together none of them get stuck. I have some carts that have been running for years without issue. It seems to be the ones that proceed straight while a neighbor cart is turning towards them, almost like the carts making u-turns are turning too widely and striking them.
  3. I seem to have found a solution.

    Or, at least, it's more than an hour that it is running without issues, where earlier it would last no more than 5 minutes.

    At bends, substituted external blocks with walls.
    And halved the number of carts by having a cart coming back along a different line w.r.t. the out direction.
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