[ideas] What buildings should be in a Base Wild Outpost Village?

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  1. What buildings should be in a Basic Wild Outpost Village/City?

    This question is posed for purposes of giving ideas to other players for what to build in their outposts. What are the basic needs of any Base or Base extension? Assuming that this isn't referring to automated farms, just what different buildings might be considered highly-needed in a standard little village/city area?
    * These would be ideas that are not based on what the style of the Outpost is: medival, elfin, modern, asian, fantasy, or even water worlds.

    --central building
    I would start the list by saying that since emc requires a locked chest to center the claim, so a "members" or central building of some type would make sense there. It could be the starter shelter while the base is being built up and then re-built to be the ? throne room ? entrance area from the nether line ? the central, lit landing pad for the flyers ? etc.

    --storage access
    A storage building is obvious, but I don't think that it takes an entire buiding. In fact, if the storage were underground and there were hallways or tunnels leading to the storage from each of the outer buildings, that would make it more efficient to get to and use.

    --A harbor.
    Somewhere on the outpost there is a nearby ocean or sea or even a river system. Buidling up a harbor area is very handy for water traveling. It also looks good.
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  2. i tink a space close to the bedrock roof for like a portal hub and bud a bud rail highway with player detection so farms would not break and instand turn off maybe a over world piston bold so farms can be easely conected to it also competable for chest minecarts for easy bulk item transport and a storage system in the middle
  3. An armory room with gear and weapons with a nether portal to your network.
  4. I feel that some sort of small farm for an on site food supply is pretty essential. Even just a simple manual carrot farm or something. Just something so if you run out of food you're not done for
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  5. You kind of mention it, but a raíl line back to spawn for travel.

    I normally use elytra, but the occasional death has left me in need of a useful trip back to town for supplies and new wings..
  6. true.
    an ice boat is often faster though. Arguable on the benefit of which takes less supplies to create.
    skipping the blue ice on emc, the speed doesn't get fully used based on the render distance settings.
  7. it depends on how many people are online, I feel.
    I have blue ice tracks in the nether to my outpost and I often get there and back with no chunk loading issue
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