[Hiring] Looking for a Gardener (terraforming/garden building)

Discussion in 'Player Jobs Available' started by Ryko369, Jan 8, 2022.

  1. Hiya folks, I've been kinda busy lately so, I'm looking for someone to dress up the Repository's gardens. I'm also not great at that sort of terraforming planty stuff. I'm looking for some custom trees, perhaps a water feature or two, and any sort of terraforming or whatever you feel will make the place look nice. I'd also like a simple path going around the building. I'll definitely provide all the materials, I've got plenty of everything except rooted dirt and mycelium, which shouldn't be a huge issue. The Repository is located at +RRR or 14033 on smp7 if you wanna take a look. Let me know if you're interested and we can pm for additional details.
  2. Hey if you're still looking I have opened a service at Smp3 /v featherwing_ I would love to help
  3. I'm definitely interested, I'll stop by your shop tomorrow