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  1. hey i just join the sever i love it there and i wish i could be a op or mod
  2. Welcome to the Empire, Grant.

    And for being a Moderator, there is always a possibility. If you behave right and stay active, your chance may come.
  3. Welcome!

    You asking this question will probably decrease your chances on becoming a Mod. (I'm 100% sure that you will never become an Admin)

    If you would like to apply to be a Mod you can read this post:
  4. thanks
  5. Welcome to the Empire mate! Enjoy yourself and remember to always follow the rules! Dont give the moderators or admins any reason to kick or ban you and you will have an excellent time here.

    Cya round the Empire
  6. Welcome, I'm glad to see you like the Empire:) It is good to see new faces and more people join. Enjoy your stay and Have Fun!

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  7. ok
  8. thanks