Hi there :D I'm Audifan!

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  1. hey guys, whats up?
  2. Hi, welcome to the Empire.:)
  3. Welcome to the Empire, how did you find us ?
  4. Hi audi, welcome!!
  5. mcserverlist.net, I was posting my servers info on it, then saw your ad, so I decided to come try out your server, as I love towny based servers, Yall's server is VERY unique. I've never seen anything like it before!
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  6. Yeah thanks :) the community has worked really hard on it.
  7. I can see :D! One thing though, I got on last night around 11:00pm'ish my time, and there was like NO builds around spawn at town D: all the close plot's were taken but empty. I was expecting a gaint active town, know what I meen? :p
  8. SMP1.empireminecraft.com has about 1500 res's that are full of awesomeness. We filled up on that and just launched SMP2 last night, so it's pretty bare right now, but it'll get there. :)
  9. ohh, well in that case I own one of the closest plots to the spawn :p, I have no Idea what I'm going to build, but for right now It's gunna be a farm for resources :D
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