Head dropping on EMC vs Vanilla

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  1. Hey guy. There's some confusion on the servers - including for myself - regarding which heads are dropping, for how long, how much these heads are worth and if these occurrences are any different to how it works on Vanilla.

    For example,
    Is this forever, or just for halloween? Pushed forward since Halloween, or will it be in place when 1.7 comes out? How much do all the heads cost nowadays?

    Some sort of clarity would be great and if there's a lot of changes from vanilla, I might compile them into a simple Wiki page. :)
  2. I don't see mojang removing new mob heads items just have around Halloween season. They prolly just wanted release on "Day of the Dead" to give it special meaning. :D just my thought
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  3. Dwight I don't understand what you just said :p
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  4. Talking about mojang adding new mobs heads or is just Emc thing? I been away from my computer since Halloween promo items started.
  5. I'm talking about the things in the OP that I listed yeah
  6. Does anyone, ever? :p

    Nah, your cool Dwight :p
  7. Didn't really read most of it just keywords but anyways the price for the heads well that's up to the players who play/run Ecomony you guys set the prices to what you think and see what others players are to until find a medium price for them. As for drop rate ônly one person and that's Aikar.
  8. I know, I need the average prices from players. I don't need the drop rate though :) You should read the whole thing :p
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