[For Hire] Builder/Collecting/Mindless Tasks

Discussion in 'Players for Hire' started by HazardousCode, Jun 29, 2022.

  1. Do you ever start building a large building and realize 3 floors in that placing all those repetitive blocks is really boring? Do you want to craft large quantities of items but you're tired after collecting all the materials? Lucky for you, I love mindless tasks!

    I currently don't have access to any mods (Schematica, etc...), so I can't do large pixel art, but I'm always willing to help with repetitive builds. Shoot me a message and we'll negotiate a price :) Mostly I'm just looking for the satisfaction that comes with completing projects.
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  2. Also willing to help demo builds. :)
  3. this still on? if so pm me im on discord as well!