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  1. Hi, I'm Atels and I have been playing on EMC for 10 months now. My favourite thing to do on this server is build and I am offering my services for anyone who may like to hire me :)

    My favourite build style is fantasy and I love to use purple a lot in my block palettes as well as teal blues, though I can build with plenty other styles and colours. I also love to build with nature as it's one of my main inspirations I get from exploring IRL.

    Here are the build packages I can offer, please be aware prices are a guideline and can vary more depending on the complexity of build:

    Package A--Landscaping, Ponds, Trees
    50k-200k depending on size/complexity

    Package B--Houses, Underground Vaults/Rooms, Storages, Towers
    100k-350k depending on size/complexity

    Package C--Entire SMP Res Build
    300k-750k+ depending on size/complexity

    Package D-- Partial-Res Utopia Build + Landscaping (full-res Utopia builds unavailable)
    500k-1m+ depending on size/complexity

    Package E--Road Edits
    20k per SMP side, 40k per utopia side

    More info:
    1. Please PM me to propose builds/arrange consultation
    2. Schematic-only builds (built in creative, schematic provided to you) will have a steep discount
    3. Upon agreement of final build, 50% of cost must be paid upfront
    4. Builds located in the Frontier will have an extra surcharge depending on distance
  2. Build queue:

    • Gianluca99Star - Package A
    • DrasLeona247 - Package A
    • DrasLeona247 - Package C
    • EquableHook - Package A
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  3. Service still around? Looking to have a bit of work done.
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