[Established] Wandering Explorer Outpost

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  1. Welcome to The Wandering Explorer Outpost, located north of the Wild West outpost on SMP9! Just enter the nether portal at the wilderness spawn and follow the signs to the outpost!

    By joining, you get:
    • Your own room
    • A free key to the base
    • Room to build
    • Access to future builds
    • And more!
    This outpost is owned by fighter_Ethan.

    Membership Applications are currently open! Apply here.

    • maudlyn
    • fighter_Ethan

    Please read the following official outpost rules.

    1 - Do not grief the island. This goes hand-in-hand with what is written in the official EMC rules.

    2 - Do not enter other people's rooms without their permission. Do not steal from them.

    3 - You get one free key upon joining the outpost. If you lose that key, you must contact fighter_Ethan and GIVE YOUR OWN BOOK & QUILL to replace the lost key.

    4 - Do not take from the underground storage.

    5 - Use /chat local while at the outpost for communications with other outpost members. /chat community is fine when not chatting to other members.

    6 - Feel free to explore and make your own builds, just do not destroy currently built builds.

    7 - These rules are subject to change, and by visiting and/or joining this outpost, you agree to this.

    Updated 21 February 2022
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  2. Established.
  3. Just getting through unread posts and found this. I'll definitely check out the Wandering Explorer Outpost. Is it still active? Do you know if there is there a list of active outposts or groups?
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  4. It is still active!

    I don't but that's a fascinating idea!
  5. Finally updated this thread! PM me to apply.
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