(Established) Narella

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  1. Working on a new self-sufficient outpost on SMP1's southern wilderness. Plan on creating a farm for almost everything, the next big project after the texp rush a year ago.

    Locked chest placed underground. If the chest is removed some time down the track because its in the way, would i need to resubmit?
  2. you would place another chest down once the 1st one is removed. Also the chest should not be moved very far from its original position and also do let staff know the chest placement has changed. So no you would not need to reapply
  3. Hey envine, will review this for you today.

    Also once established the chest can be removed, as we will have the center coordinates registered o/
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  4. You are established, enjoy.

    Let me know if you wish to close this thread to further replies.
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