Dragon Tomb / Frontier / Voting Perks Mini Updates

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    We’re officially one step closer to our Dragon Tomb and Frontier Update. Today the original Dragon Egg owners who took our advice and sold us the Eggs for 1 rupee were rewarded with something awesome as we promised. Each owner received the Original Egg back with a special power to be able to place an Ender Crystal on their residence. Should they ever sell or give that egg to someone else, that player will then have the ability to do the same on their residence. Only one Crystal per egg can be active, so placing a new one will delete the old one.

    They each also receive 19 regular dragon eggs as a bonus. Look out in the shops and auctions as I’m sure they’ll be coming up soon and give you a chance to get your own early before the Dragon Tomb update. We still don’t have an ETA on the Dragon Tombs or Frontier, but we’re getting that much closer.

    Our next major update you will see is another one towards the progress of both of these that we’re now calling the “Survival Update” (Formally known as the “Normal Update”). This is the one that will take us from Easy mode on EMC to Normal mode with a few extra EMC exclusive surprises added in. :)


    Not that long ago, we updated the bonuses you get for voting for EMC and added “voting streaks” which rewards you for voting consecutive days in a row. The longer you vote, the higher your rewards are. Due to the regulations of how some voting websites work with their 24 hour rule, it made our system, well, suck due to the fact that you could easily lose your streak due to an hour or two difference.

    Well, we’ve made changes that should keep you very encouraged to vote every day still. We’ve increased the range from 24 hours to 30 hours before you lose your voting streak. This should give everyone more than enough time to be able to get any of the voting sites at any reasonable time without losing their streaks. We’ve also changed the “loss” damage you get to your streaks, should you go over 30 hours, it will follow the following formula:

    You will lose a base of 2 days + 2 days for each day missed.

    So, for example:

    You have a voting streak of 10. You miss one day. Instead of your streak going to 0, you will lose 4 days and remain at a streak of 6 if you vote shortly after your one missed day.

    We hope this helps keep you encouraged to vote for EMC on the various voting sites as it REALLY helps us out if you vote everyday. We will continue to try and find ways to improve the voting perks even more in the future as we continue to grow as well. :)
  2. ohh.. thankyou! Finally, this is gonna be awesome
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  3. Awesome! Thanks for the updates :)
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  4. I hate that vote timer system, wish it reset at a set time each day . o well 30 hours should make up for the streaks i miss out on !

    Awesome job as always guys keep it up!
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  5. Nice, if anybody wants to sell theire dragon egg, ill be happy to buy one :)
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  6. Pretty nice, i look forward for the wild/frontier update and the voting perk will help a lot :D
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  7. Awesome updates! Thanks guys! :D
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  8. its still on easy mode or am I confused? because its already a tid bit hard with lag
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  9. Great I want to buy an egg now
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  10. Time to become a vault hunter! Tomb edition!
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  11. I want a Crystal on my res ;__;
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  12. Is the losing streak if voting from Phone and then PC fixed too?
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  13. Thanks for the update on voting, I lost my streak just 2 days ago due to being 4 hours late :( Hopefully this will help :)
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  14. That's nothing that would be on our end, unfortunately. If the site that takes the votes don't work properly with phones, we can't do anything, sadly.
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  15. What tip of prizes can you get?
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  16. You didn't read it did you...
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  17. Yes I did
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  18. Dr.Who29.gif
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  19. That's too bad, I lost a 5 day streak from that.
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  20. Prizes?
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