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  1. I've had my horse since late 2016. He was a 134+ speed white / white horse. I had a misfortune and he died so I'm looking to replace him. Short story to this. I was always careful where I rode him. I was at my outpost and went thru a portal into an unfinished tunnel and when I got to the other side he suffocated. I tried but failed to save him.

    Conditions I am looking for

    Must be 134 speed or higher and White.
    White / None
    White / White Dot,
    White / Whitefield

    As long as it's all white. Health and jump is not much of a factor. Speed 134 and up. Because I am asking for such a certain horse I am willing to pay for it. Of course I will consider any 134 and up of any color and prices will be adjusted accordingly. Thank you for reading this and hopefully you can help me.

    :( Sad Merek :(
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  2. I have my horse! This can be closed.

    Thank you to everyone who helped and to CardInAction for coming through!
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Thread Status:
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