[Buying] Steel Spikes 27k for each one.

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  1. Buying Steel Spikes 27k for each one.
    Buying Charged Spikes 28k for each one.
    Buying Steel Ingot 252k for each one.

    You get Steel Spikes from killing Enraged Silverfish which spawn from mining ores make sure Enraged Spawns are enabled in /ps > Survival > Enraged Spawns > Enabled so you are not mining thinking why are they not spawning.

    You can sell the spikes on /smp7 at /v 14512 at the sell chest to sell the Steel Spikes and Charged Steel Spikes to me or you can pm me.

    I have tested and you can get Enraged Silverfish from placing down ores and mining them. I have gotten quite a bit of them doing that.
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  2. What kind of ore can you get it from?
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  3. all of the ores
  4. *goes to buy every coal ore*
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