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  1. Auction item:2 dc of iron

    Starting Bid:1,000r


    Auction Finish:24 hours after last bid

    Payment and Pick up:payment must be made to purplerillo Pick up at smp7 at 14365
  2. 13,200 Rupees
  3. 15k
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  4. forgot to include that they are iron INGOTS sorry new to this
  5. Please hold bumps for every 3 hours.
  6. o sorry my phone said 8:46
  7. The winer of the auction is inuyasha1204 please pay and i will set up the cest on smp7 at14365
  8. I will be getting on today, payment shall be sent as soon as i log on.
  9. hay did u have access to the chest
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.