(Auction) 2 Dc's Gold Block

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  1. Item: 2 Double Chest's of Gold Block's
    Starting Bid: 50k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1K
    Auction End Time: 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid
    Auction Preview at +Obwan on Utopia

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  2. Not tha bumpa!
  3. When the fun is endless
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  4. Ya Yeet to the top!
  5. 52k
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  6. Split?
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  7. Nah m8..
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  8. 56k
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  9. flip that baby around
  10. Just here for the fun, not for the gold.

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  11. If you are not here for the gold then why keep bidding?
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  12. Nice... this is m8
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  13. Sorry. I'm usually a bit more on top of things. Looks like I won the auction. I'll go ahead and pay you right now. Let me know when the access signs are set up :)
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  14. Access chest are all set up for you at +obwan on utopia tp sign's on your left as soon as you tp in:) Thanks for the bids everyone.
  15. Picked up. thanks again!