Tuesday Tree Choppers

Feb 7, 2017
Tuesday Tree Choppers
  • Tuesday Tree Choppers is an event that occured every Tuesday from 12PM to "until you quit or 24 hours later." The event was usually hosted by LittleRobotSeffy until she stepped down as a staff member, and now, the event's future is still being planned.

    The event works by having trees and other plants planted about a residence, and players are then given permissions that allow them to break and replant trees and crops.


    Tuesday Tree Choppers occurs on Utopia, and can be participated in (when running) by typing in the command /v 5534. The residence is outlined with a crop field, and in the center, there is podzol and End stone, which grows mushrooms and chorus plants respectively. Players may harvest any of the plants, but taking any blocks (such as podzol or digging in the ground) can result in disciplinary action against the player.

    Special Versions(top)

    On occasion, special variations of Tuesday Tree Choppers would be held. One such Tree Choppers happened in late 2015, and it had hand-built, decorated spruce trees that players were allowed to destroy for their decorative blocks. These events may also sometimes have mobs running free, and players may be allowed to eggify them.


    To donate to the event, players can bring bonemeal, seeds, or saplings to the residence and drop them into the hoppers at the center of the residence. These items will be used to prepare for future Tuesday Tree Chopper events.

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